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Rangi Parauri June

If you have any enquiries about future 

Rangi Parauri dates for 2024 

please contact info@tekurahuna.com

Experience a transformative wānanga crafted to ignite inspiration and guide you
in indigenising your surroundings.

Funding applications for Rangi Parauri June are closed, but paid spots remain open.

Rangi Parauri Training - Becoming a Mataora

The Rangi Parauri package is designed to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations who work as practitioners in helping professions and want to become a Mataora (change agent).

Mataora develop their own pukenga (skills) by embedding the Mahi a Atua principles in their lives. Because they prioritise oranga whakapapa (bringing our stories to life) a Mataora is trained to share pūrākau with whānau to reconnect whānau to their own stories.

Training involves

  • Online Lesson time with responsive email and Matataki support

  • Facilitated by several Mataora

  • Creativity and fun is an essential part of our wānanga

  • Moko artists, musicians and romiromi/mirimiri practitioners will be available to engage with during our wānanga

  • Support from a team of Mataora with Mahi a Atua facilitation expertise. These experienced practitioners are present to guide discussion, foster peer connection and provide feedback on your assignments.

  • Explorations of traditional arts

  • Expert guidance in releasing psychological blockages

  • Exercises in confronting fears

  • Thoughtful discussions on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery

  • Revitalisation of traditional narratives

  • Reconnect with indigenous strength and heritage

  • Engaging in laughter, tears and debates

  • Strategising for a culturally rich and empowered future

Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery and communal empowerment.

Funding may be available for you

  • Are Māori

  • Are a Māori health practitioner 

  • Are currently employed

  • Reside in Aotearoa


$4600.00 per person (inclusive of GST). This price includes Marae accommodation and some Keto friendly meals. This price excludes travel.

Organisations with 20 or more attendees will be offered a discount.

Email info@tekurahuna.com to find out more

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A look back at Rangi Parauri Intensive Mataora Training ki Herekino



I'm not māori, can I still participate in Rangi Parauri? 

Yes, the Rangi Parauri package is designed to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations who work as practitioners in helping professions and want to become a Mataora (change agent). If you are māori, you may be eligible for the funded spaces. Please see our website for details.

I'm not fluent in Zoom or any other technical stuff, will this mean I can't do any of the offerings?

Kao. We have a team who are well versed in Zoom and other technical components. You can email us at wananga@tekurahuna.com and we will make contact to support you.

Can I bring my children to Rangi Parauri? 

Yes, however, we ask that you check in with us first to wānanga how this will impact your and other tauira's ability to remain present during the learnings.

Are all the pūrākau from Ngati Porou?

Yes, however, Te Kurahuna encourages you to use your own pūrākau in your respective rohe. The goal is to use our oranga whakapapa as a means to navigate our way through challenges, articulate our situations, and connect with our momo o nga atua Māori.

What if I don't have a computer?

A computer is recommended for the training so that you capture the full experience however, it is not a prerequisite. You can access the training including videos, exercises and korero via your phone.

What do I have to bring to Rangi Parauri?

  • Small spritzer bottle to collective water from the moana or awa. 

  • Bring cash to pay for the available offerings i.e moko, mirimiri, romiromi and merchandise available for sale

  • Something to swim in or clothes you don't mind getting wet including an extra towel.

  • Pens, felts a sketch pad

  • Warm clothes

  • Breakfast supplies and snacks

  • Clothes suitable for the weather conditions

  • A warm jacket

    If you are staying at the marae bring 

  • blankets, towels and linen. 

What if I'm late to the Rangi Parauri pohiri?

If you are late to the powhiri you will be covered in the mihi by the Kaikaranga, Kaikarakia and the kaikorero and there will be no separate whakatau. If you let the Te Kurahuna team know they will check in with you up till your arrival and then support you to come into the whare.

What if I have to leave Rangi Parauri early?

If you need to leave early, just let the Te Kurahuna team know. It's ok, we will catch up with you during the Zoom Vision and post any videos that may be taken into the Rangi Parauri community page.

What qualifications will I get at the end of Rangi Parauri? 

At the end of your training, you will be a Mahi a Atua Mataora. We do not offer NZCEA or NZQA qualifications for any of our training offerings.

What is a Mataora?

A Mataora within Te Kurahuna is a Change agent.

Payment plans?

We do not have the capacity to administrate payment plans. There are currently funding options via Te Aka Whai Ora. You may wish to explore other funding options from your employer or Iwi.

Can I invite my whanau when I receive moko / Can I bring my whanau if I get my kauae at Rangi Parauri? 

Rangi Parauri is a closed wānanga so we are unable to accommodate whānau coming in.

Whats the difference between Rangi Matauru and Rangi Parauri?

Rangi Matauru is a 16-week self-paced online course that can be started at the time of registration. It is also a pre-requisite for tauira to complete before attending Rangi Parauri if coming through the Te Aka Whai Ora funded pathway. Rangi Parauri is our intensive training that has set dates and times across 4 phases. These phases are Te Po – the online content prior to Te Whai Ao is a 5-day a-tinana intensive wānanga followed by Te Ao Marama which are two weekly revisions and layering of learning in a collective online zoom wānanga.


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