Mahi a Atua – Committed to developing indigenous systems for positive community outcomes.

What is Mahi a Atua?

Mahi a Atua as an indigenous strategic framework

Considered by some to be a transformative model of care, Mahi a Atua is deliberately grounded in indigenous knowledge, active learning and feedback.  A Mahi a Atua worldview inspires success in  achieving systemic change.

Mahi a Atua as an intervention

This approach involves facilitating hui with Māori whānau and sharing traditional narratives, Māori creation stories (pūrākau), to connect with and liberate our people. It is ancestral healing, drawing from the creation and custom stories of Māori atua (gods), to better understand how our ancestors made sense of their realities. 

Mahi a Atua as a philosophy

Mahi a Atua has been referred to as a 'worldview', a Māori paradigm, an ontological transformation.  As a collective, those who engage in collective conversations using Mahi a Atua principles, are reclaiming their right to indigenising a unique way of 'studying' wisdom.  Our Māori creation and custom stories are the foundation from which we question, discuss and debate ideas about existence, knowledge, values, mind and language. 

We promote the inherent rights of indigenous peoples to indigenise all the spaces we occupy.

Our Services

We work with organisations who want to adopt Mahi a Atua as their care model. We provide consultation, leadership, wānanga, training and workshops that prioritise:

  1. Affirmation of whakapapa
  2. Changing systems to improve outcomes
  3. The need to understand how institutional racism impacts the inequity for Māori
  4. Exploring concepts inhibiting societal progress; individuality, meritocracy, a-history 
  5. Becoming a Mataora (change agent)

We are guided by three key mātāpono (principles)

Hongi Hongi te wheiwheiā Embrace Negative Feedback

Ka mā te ariki ka mā te tauira Remain an Active Learner 

Tēnei te po nau mai te ao Indigenise Your Spaces


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