Te Riri o Whaka Ruuaumoko



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Artist: Turumakina Duley

Te Riri o Whaka Ruuaumoko 

Ruaumoko was alone and was quickly consumed by loneliness.   Realising Ruaumoko had been abandoned, the loneliness was joined by sadness.  Ruaumoko moaned in grief.    Loneliness and sadness grew hurt and pain.  Understanding Ruaumoko had been stripped of mana and disempowered, led to anger and grumbling violence. Solitude spiralled around and around till it drove Ruaumoko crazy with grief, turning the sadness to hurt, the hurt to rage and on and on, Ru turned, Ru moaned, Ru groaned, and Ru grumbled violently.  It became the quaking of earth - e ngunguru nei!  

The rage Ruaumoko had took the gift of Te Ahi komau and fed it oxygen until it raged and thus Ru turned a gift of comfort into a weapon of hatred.  That weapon became the volcanic fire, the volcanic eruption that he caused to explode and spew out upon the earth's surface – au, au, au e ha! This was the consequence and te riri a Ruaumoko and as justified as we might see it, the impact was felt less upon those who he had issue with and more upon earth, upon their mother, Papa-tu-a-nuku. 

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