This 1-2 day wananga is for those who want to better understand Mahi a Atua and increase their personal and professional growth.

Organisations may choose to introduce their staff to 'An introduction to Mahi a Atua' over these 1-2 days as part of an implementation plan. We are flexible and mobile with the option of designing something to suit your needs.  

The Ranginui package is designed to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations who want to indigenise their respective spaces. Oranga whakapapa involves first learning how to form a relationship with our ancestral knowledge in a fun and supportive environment. Weaving together Māori creation stories and contextualising them in our contemporary environment is the focus of this wānanga. Returning to ‘Te Ōrokohanga’ (Māori Creation) to understand the barriers to growth. Attendees embrace the values and principles unique to Mahi a Atua.

Delivery format

  • One day wānanga (Two day wānanga is Rangi Tamaku)
  • An introduction to Mahi a Atua
  • A relationship with your environment
  • The whakapapa of emotions, reconceptualising distress
  • An overview of whakapapa of knowledge


$500.00 per person per day (excludes gst). This price  excludes travel and accommodation butincludes lunch during training. Cost isnegotiable for Māori organisations withup to 20 people registering.



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